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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Meal Prep Burns Calories

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Many people worry about the amount of calories they will be taking in over the holidays.  What we don't always think about is how many calories are burned in the preparation of the holiday meals.  That's right!  You can be burning a portion of the calories you will be taking in just by cooking the meal.  Below is a list of the average amount of calories that you burn preparing each part of your meal.  I found this surprising.  Take a look.  Pin it to show a friend!

  1. Turkey:  Prepping and seasoning, stirring and whisking the gravy.  Calories burned:  122
  2. Stuffing/dressing:  Cleaning and chopping the veggies, sauteing, toasting and taring the bread, mixing.   Calories Burned:  203
  3. Cranberry Sauce:  Prepping and stirring  Calories Burned:  54
  4. Mashed Potatoes:  Cleaning, peeling and cutting, then mashing.  Calories Burned:  54
  5. 2 Veggie Sides:  Cleaning, peeling, cutting, cooking, mixing whisking.  Calories Burned:  135
  6. Dessert:  Measuring, mixing, whisking, beating, rolling, kneading.  Calories Burned:  135

The Total Calories  You Burned:  703 calories

These are just averages.  They also do not take into account any additional items you are making or the snacks you will need to make for the game and parade watchers.  The other thing that is not included is the effort you go through to clean the house, set the table or anything else you are doing for the day.  So don't beat yourself up over what you eat.  You've given yourself a workout just to get to the point you that you can eat.  I hope I have given you something to think about.

I mentioned snacks for the game and parade watchers.  The next recipes you will be getting are for snacks.  So keep an eye out for them! 

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