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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dinner Party Planning - Minimize Stress in five steps

We love our family and friends.  But, no matter how much we love them being a host for a dinner party can cause a ton of stress.  Stress not only effects us physically, it also effects us mentally and emotionally.  It can rob us of the joy of having those we love around us.  So what do we need to do?  Plan and then implement that plan.  Below are five steps take to host a great dinner party.  Pin this plan for use over the next few weeks!  Print it out!  Check off each part as you go.  Everyone will wonder how you made it look so easy!

One Week in Advance:

  • Assemble freeze ahead foods.  Such a casseroles.  Do you have bread dough you can make and freeze?  Or pie shells?  Anything you can think of that can be made in advance and frozen do it.
Four Days in Advance:

  • If you are serving meat, begin thawing it in the refrigerator.  Allow 24 hours for every five pounds.
Two Days in Advance:

  • Prep any veggies you will need.  Making Creamy Baked Kale?  Wilt the kale now.  Making Five Spice Turnips & Carrots?  Dice and blanch the veggies now.  Store in the refrigerator in zip-lock bags or sealed containers.
  • Prepare sauces, dressings, and dips, again keep them in sealed containers in the frig.
  • Toast nuts for baked goods or salads.  Making Pear & Cranberry Salad?  Make the dressing and toast the nuts now.  Store in the Frig.
Day in Advance:

  • Prepare individual size desserts or hand eaten items, such as Applesauce Cookies or Almond Meringue Shells .  Store in airtight containers
  • Peal and cut potatoes.  Place in a large bowl of water and refrigerate until ready to cook.
  • Remove frozen bread dough from freezer.  Allow to thaw in frig.
Big day:

  • Cook or roast the meat
  • Heat the frozen foods.
  • Assemble the appetizers
  • Serve the meal buffet style.  This keeps you from having to do place settings and name cards as well as a seating chart.
  • Have disposable containers on hand for leftovers.  You can send some home with the guests or save them and eat them latter.
Now that you have your schedule under control, you may be worried about overeating.  We all have days that we overindulge.  However, you can make some good choices about what to serve, then you will not be feeling as guilty.  Instead of the traditional sweet potato casserole, try my Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes that will be posted Nov. 14th.  Instead of the green been casserole try the Creamy Baked Kale mentioned above or my Spinach Bake that will be posted on Nov. 16th.

Don't let stress rob you of your joy!  Don't let it have negative effect on your health.  With a good plan in place you can do anything!


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