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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Juicing or Smoothies - Which is Healthier?

Some people are loyal to juicing.  It has fantastic benefits.  You are able to absorb nutrients from the items juiced faster than if you were to eat them.  However, when it comes to a choice of which is healthier juicing or smoothies, the smoothie wins.  Why is it healthier?  Juicing leaves behind part of the ingredients in the form of pulp.  In that pulp is where you will find the most nutrients and fiber of fruits and veggies you have juiced.

Blending a smoothie preserves the entire piece of fruit or vegetable that you are including.  As a result a smoothie can give you added vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.  If you include yogurt or milk it can also boost your calcium and protein intake.  The oxygen and heat introduced in the blending process can reduce some vitamin C and some B vitamins.  The amount lost is minimal.

Is there anything you need to be concerned about when choosing a smoothie?  Yes, sugar.  If you are going to use yogurt, be sure it is plain greek yogurt.  No sugar added.  Also purchased bottled smoothies are more like milkshakes.  They also do not have the maximum amount of nutrients because of having been prepackaged and sitting on a shelf.

So do it yourself smoothies is the way to go.  Experiment and find what flavors you like.  Add protein powder for added power.  Have fun with it.  Keep in mind though, man and women can not live on smoothies alone.  They are not a replacement for eating real, nutritious whole foods.

So everyone, get out your blenders and go!

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