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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Five Ways To Cut Salt Not Flavor

We all need salt.  It gives us a package of sodium and chloride that are essential to electrolyte balance in our bodies.  It also excites our sense of smell by enhancing the aromas of our food.  While that is not necessary to our health, it does add enjoyment to our lives.  Overuse of salt causes a rise in blood pressure and can lead to heart disease and stroke.  Are we then sentenced to a life of eating bland, unappetizing food?  No there are ways to still enjoy your food and minimize sodium levels.  Here are five:

  1. Cook at home:  Over 70% of the sodium people in the U.S. take in each day is from restaurant and prepackaged foods.  Only 5% is from home cooked foods.  Cooking the food yourself puts you in control of the 2,300 milligrams of sodium that is needed for healthy adults.  That mean cooking whole foods, from scratch.
  2. Use Herbs and Acids to add flavor:  Vinegars, citrus and wine add brightness to foods.  Herbs add an extra flavor pop to finished dishes.  By experimenting and getting used to ways to use these you get tons of flavor and you will not notice you have used less salt.
  3. Use Spice Blends or Specialty Salts:  Think of the different blend of spices you associate with regional foods.  Try them out.  Many of these combinations add flavor to the regions foods and they don't use excessive amounts of salt.  Toasting spices enhances them further.  Not salting food until the end, and then adding a specialty salt, like smoked salt is another method you can use.  Specialty salts add a different dimension and texture to food.  Also, a little goes a long way.
  4. Read labels:  It doesn't matter what it is, cereal, bread, salad dressing or canned goods, read the label.  By keeping yourself informed about what is in foods, you can make wise choices.  Choose lower sodium options or decide to make some items yourself instead of purchasing them prepackaged.
  5. Use small amounts of salty ingredients:  Non of us what tasteless food.  Using small amounts of salty things to finish a dish adds the needed flavor punch without an over abundance of salt.  Think parmesan cheese, salted nuts or other things that have a concentrated salty flavor.

It takes experimentation on your part to put these into practice.  That doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Cooking is creative and fun.  It adds enjoyment to what you eat.  Isn't that what eating is about?  Enjoyment!

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