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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fiber Offers Health Benefits

Have you noticed all the products that have added fiber?  Everything from bread to ice cream is being labeled healthy because they have added fiber.  Why do we need fiber in our diets?  Where should we get our fiber?

There are two types of fiber found in food, soluble and insoluble.  Each one has it's own health benefits.  Insoluble, or roughage, passes through your digestive system and keeps it clean.  The benefit to that is lower risk of cancer of the stomach, pancreas and colon.  Soluble fiber works differently.  It dissolves and turns into a gel that binds to cholesterol and slows glucose absorption.  The result is prevention of heart disease as well as prevention of diabetes.

So are all these foods with fiber added or supplements the answer?  Not really.  The fiber in whole foods work with nutrients in those foods to give you the health benefits.  Fiber without the nutrients is not the answer.

Where do we get the fiber we need?  We can find fiber in plants.  Such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes (beans and peas).  Don't rely on your mouth to tell you which are the best sources.  Pineapple feels fibrous in the mouth, but, it is lower in fiber than a kiwi.  The pineapple is also higher in calories than the kiwi.

Below is a list that nutritionists say are the top ten sources of fiber.

  • Black Beans (cooked)  15 grams of fiber per cup at 227 calories.  Other beans are similar in terms of fiber and calories.
  • Potato with Skin (baked)  That is right carb. haters potatoes can be healthy.  10 grams of fiber per cup at 160 calories.  You must eat the skin to get these results.
  • Acorn Squash (baked)  10 grams of fiber per cup at 114 calories.
  • Fresh Raspberries  8 grams of fiber per cup at 60 calories.  All the more reason to eat these beauties.
  • Barley (cooked)  6 grams of fiber per cup at 193 calories
  • Carrots  Whole carrots not those trimmed down to be baby carrots.  6 grams of fiber per cup at 55 calories.
  • Collard Greens (cooked)  5 grams of fiber per cup at 49 calories.  Other leafy greens are similar.
  • Sugar Snap Peas (cooked)  5 grams of fiber per cup at 76 calories.  I knew there was I reason I like eating these.
  • Apple with skin 4 grams of fiber per cup at 81 calories.  Make sure to scrub your apples, but, eat the skin.
  • Strawberries  4 grams of fiber per cup at 43 calories
How much fiber do we need to get per day?  21 to 38 grams.  Using the list above, as well as your favorite whole foods, you can make a goal of getting the fiber you need.  Of course our main goal is good health an longevity.  Good health to you!

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