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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Complex Carbohydrates - Are They Evil or Good?

I wanted to talk to you about complex carbohydrates before now.  Our internet has been down for a couple of days.  All the rain that went over Oklahoma and Texas moved over Arkansas as well.  As a result we have had a few problems here.  However, now I get to talk about carbohydrates.  

It seems we have a hard time finding balance.  Some people live on simple carbohydrates and nothing else.  Some people make it their goal never to put a carbohydrate in their mouth.  Both extremes are detrimental to our health.  You have heard, knowledge is power.  Knowledge of carbohydrates gives us the power to make good choices about what we eat.

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar, corn syrup, molasses spike our blood sugar levels.  This can deliver a quick boost of energy, but, that will not last.  You will crash a short time later and you have not received any nutritional benefits from what you put in your mouth.  Does that mean you will never eat them?  Probably not, I eat them from time to time.  They are not something to be eaten daily if you want to stay healthy.

Complex carbohydrates are a source of sustained energy and will not spike your blood sugar levels.  They also supply vitamins, minerals and fiber.  They are a significant source of folate, carotenoids, chromium, magnesium and can lower your risk of heart disease and several types of cancer.

What are our sources of complex carbohydrates?  Fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains.  You can make some simple changes and gain lasting health benefits by keeping a couple of things in mind.

Let your food be as natural as possible.  Keeping the food in a form as close to what nature delivered to us can ensure we are getting the most nutritional benefits from it.  Processing strips food of its nutritional benefits.

Keep it fresh.  Most frozen veggies and fruit are cleaned and frozen within hours of picking.  So don't be afraid of using them.  The longer veggies and fruit sit  the more nutrients they loose.  When shopping at a farmers market, ask when the produce was picked.  In a grocery store don't be afraid to question how long produce has been sitting.

Understand grain terms.  When a package says 100% whole wheat that doesn't whole grain.  It means they have produced the product with using only wheat flour.  If you read the ingredients you will likely find the term "caramel color".  This is food coloring added to make it look whole grain.  Look for the whole grain symbol.  Also, look for the grains themselves.  The larger the grain pieces the more they reduce the risk of heart disease.

Understand how many servings of carbohydrates there are in a serving of food.  One serving of carbohydrates is 15 grams.  One serving of food can have multiple servings of carbs.  Nutritionist say we need the minimum of six and the maximum of eleven serving of carbs a day to maintain good health.

So, are complex carbohydrates evil or good?  They are definitely good.  Keeping a balanced view of them can add to our health and longevity.  Good health to you!

Has this information been helpful?  Let me know.

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