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Monday, May 11, 2015

Tilapia with Flax Seed Crust

This tilapia recipe is so simple to make.  I wanted to grill this weekend.  That is what I had prepared for, but, the rain decided to stay all weekend.  No grilling for me!  So I pulled out this stand by recipe.  Tilapia thaws quickly, so, you can use it on the fly.  It pares well with a lot of different things.  As a result you can use it with a side you had intended for something else.  I know this one isn't vegetarian.  I hope no one is disappointed.

Tilapia with flax Seed Crust

Tilapia fillets (one or two per person)
Coconut milk (original which is unsweetened and unflavored)
Ground Flax Seed
Olive Oil

Rinse and dry the fillets.  Place the coconut milk in a shallow dish.  In another shallow dish place ground flax seed.  Mix salt and pepper with the flax seed.  Before you start breading the fish.  Put enough olive oil in a well seasoned frying pan or a nonstick frying pan and allow it to heat.  Dip the fish in the coconut milk to completely coat.  Then coat it with the flax seed.  You may have pat the flax seed onto the fish to make it adhere.  Place in a medium hot pan and fry for two to three minutes each side.  Serve it up!

I served mine with coleslaw that had a vinegar and oil dressing.

I hope you enjoy my recipes.  I would love to hear what you think.

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