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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nature's Harvest Veggie Crisps Review

We have all seen these in our local super centers.  In the world of snack foods, it can be hard to find something you won't regret eating.  Are these the right choice?  They have the words Nature, harvest, veggie.  They must be healthy, right? Let's take a look.

The ingredients are:  yellow and purple sweet potato, squash, carrots, taro, green beans, canola oil, dextrin (from tapioca) and sea salt.  That still doesn't sound bad.

Canola oil is better for you than vegetable oil.  However, it is still a hydrogenated oil.  Not always a good choice.  It adds 40 calories of fat to the 140 calories there are in each 1/2 cup serving.  There is not any trans fats or saturated fats.  With seven servings in a container, you can mindlessly munch a lot of calories before you realize what you have done.

They are veggies, so, there should be nutritional value.  You will find that the frying and preservation process has destroyed the nutritional value of the vegetables.  As a result all you get is 10% of you daily needed vitamin A and 2% of your daily needed iron.

If you are on a low carbohydrate diet you will want to avoid these.  They have 24 grams of carbohydrates per serving.  With only 1 gram of fiber per serving, it seems that the processing has also destroyed the fiber in the veggies as well.

But, how do they taste?  You will have to decide for yourself if you like the taste.  Personally, I think they taste like your eating nothing but sugar.  I don't really understand why.  They do not contain any sugar.  Sugar is all I taste.  I don't taste any vegetable flavor.

So, are they healthy or not?  They are empty valueless calories.  You can find better choices for a crunchy snack.  On the other hand, there are much worse choices to make in the snack department.  

I know you can make good choices.  So, you decide for yourself if these are a good fit for you.  

Has this information been helpful?  Let me know.

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