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Friday, January 30, 2015

Be Reasonable Be Balanced

Have you noticed how we as humans have a hard time keeping things in balance?  We seem to be like a pendulum swing from one extreme to the other.  From people who eat nothing but meat for fear a carbohydrate might pass their lips to people who eat nothing but raw fruits and vegetables.  From living in filth to germaphobes.  From riding a bike to driving a hummer.  From mini houses that can be moved on a trailer to houses so big phones have to be used to find each other.

So the pendulum swings.  I just want to find the center, the balance.  I hoping you can help me do that and maybe I can help you do the same.  Let me know how you keep your life balanced. How do you live in a reasonable manner?

"Let your reasonableness become known to all men."


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